Reviews for "Arty In Space"


This flash is just horrible.
You didn't make the art, you just got them off of some websites. You didn't even bother to take the white stuff out.
The animation isn't that nice.
The lip sync is bad. Work on that.
In some parts, I couldn't even understand what he was saying.
And I don't like the fart jokes.
But unlike most of your submissions, you actually put some effort into this one.
For that, you get one star.

dont waist youre time people its a waiste of 7mbs

this is realy badly done theres like one decent song in there and then theres nothng except for silence and some guy talkin if you followed any of the links for music you cant find them next time only put songs down that are actualy are in there and can be heard




It's kinda funny.

Hilariously Dumb

It was REALLY funny.

Snazzy.........Very Snazzy was my favorite part.

But could u remove my song fromt he game sound effects. I mean you didnt even use it.

Im not getting publicity, u r...

5/5 10/10 tho :)