Reviews for "Arty In Space"


daily feature, so even more epic that B. maybe you should get portal history

I thought I had feces on my monitor

but it turns out it was just this flash, stopped at the hobo too, blnt. work on the overall quality of every aspect.

How do I put this

Arther A+

Very Snazzy A+

Everything else about this flash besides getting taught how to love, F+?

I'm not sure how to even be constructive... Try... harder? Eh.


okay i can't animate so I'm not in a position to critique that but I'm sure as hell a better artist then you. that was just bad. nothing else to say. bad. i don't mean to be a dick and i know I'm being a dick but it was just bad. really really bad.


Nice dood jsut like Arfenhouse I luv u plz dont kill urself plz