Reviews for "Arty In Space"

arty RULES

good video

cool movie im showing my friends tommorow

My first review on newgrounds

And I can safely say that I was not at all satisfied with this piece of crap! I mean the animation was horrible, the plot was stupid, the jokes were unfunny, and I'm not even sure if I could find anything good about this flash. And one time I saw some audio tracks on this flash but I watched the entire thing and I didn't hear any of the songs that were listed. How did this garbage even get 1st place! Overall this was terrible flash but I can understand that it was supposed to be horrible as it was catagorized under spam but that won't stop me from giving it a bad review. So taht's my review.

So bad it's fucking awesome

This obviously wasn't meant to be taken seriously. The sheer amounts of fail were funny enough to constitute a well put together spam flash.

How the hell did this get featured???

Sorry, but this is awful...

I really hate blamming stuff, but this is just...

0/5 0/10

It'd be better if you practiced voice acting, to get a wider range of high and low, or used text, and if you actually drew the faces, and body parts, rather than an imported .jpeg on a stick figure, and let it make sense, I mean a tootsie roll!? That just makes this something I'd expect to see on clock day, With the letter "B" flying around and an imported jpeg of a clock going nuts jumping all over the place.
With Bill Pullman and Chuck Norris...
And all the stuff that makes no sense, usually I avoid getting tied up in reviewing at all. And how can anyone respect you if you make a crap flash movie, and put a bad-ass looking icon over it, making it look like it'd be good.

Not cool, I see the effort put into it, you spwnt a day on it! Now, had you spent about a month or two, the quality would have been better, but if you can't draw, then get some practice. I used to be crap at drawing a year ago, and I do rush them sometimes, but I wouldn't dare make a movie under THAT style.

Also the preloader is boring, and takes too long, if you drew a ufo(make a movie clip, then double-click and animate spinning), or something, and put this actionscript in it:

_x -= 20;
_x += 20;
_y -= 20;
_y += 20;

then the wait would be a bit more pleasant

Don't hold a grudge on me, I just didn't like it.