Reviews for "Arty In Space"

seriously dude

i was fuckin pissin myself when i saw this had daily feature and it wasnt that bad either so 10/10 :D


it's so random and awsome!!!!

cool COOL!!

here is why i'm giving you 9/10
it's because i liked the story and where you were going with it ,liked the way you made the charaters but still in a way YOU COULD'VE ANIMATED IT BETER!
but i think you can do beter,so after this i'm going to look at some of your other work.ALSO did you make this only to see how other people would respond?OR do you realy submit stuff,and what program did you use because I've haven't even submited any thing yet.so my first flash is PROBLEY going to be s STICK MAN

I'm sorry

was that supposed to be funny boring or anoyying? I don't mean to to hurt your feelings or anything but that was VERY hard to keep watching all the way through. I don't think i can really give this much/any criticism it was really bad. Maybe try practicing animation a little more. The only reason i kept watching all the way through is because it said todays best so i thought it MIGHT get better. I hope you keep practicing and practicing to get better and better so that maybe one day you'll make animations that EVERYONE will enjoy! =]

Here we go.

I'm writing this because everyone seems to like abusing the review pannel and using it for insults and unconstructive bashing, so here's what I think.

I think it was funny in that sort of 'man thats fucking off the wall' way, but really compared to the other stuff this site has to offer its a bit under par. I've been watching the portal long enough to see potential, and I know that you could probably do alot better given some time and practice, but at least you had more than 3 seconds of shit I couldn't identify as any kind of object. Plus, i did giggle when he said 'i need a space ship' *poof* 'snazzy'.

Put some more effort into it man. You ain't the worst out there, you're not the best, but given some practice and patience and ALOT OF WORK you could be much better. Gave you a 5 because it did make me giggle a tad bit.