Reviews for "Prison of Industry"

Awshum !

xD. Nice response to fusion king there.

Anyway the game. Well it's hard and at times nigh unto incredible frustrating, but in a good way. Haven't finished it yet and i ain't gonna today but i saw enough. Haven't encountered any of the glitches though so i rate it pretty well.
Oh, and nice story. Kinda conspiracy theorist.

What the heck!?!?

I was drop kicking then I when I was about land, the guy went through the floor then then he suddenly disappeared.

So close...

This was a pretty good idea for a story, sort of a "Matrix" kind of thing goin on. As for the game itself, it wasn't bad. It could get challenging at parts, but nothing impossible to get through.

The only reason I'm not scoring this higher is due to the notorious glitches that many people continue to mention.

The first glitch, and I'm not sure if it is one, but I thought I should mention it, the level restart. The game said when you died, you'd be sent back to the beginning of the room, but I was sent back a room or two every time. I don't know if maybe I misunderstood, but that didn't seem right.

The other glitch I found was I believe three or four rooms into the portion after *possible spoiler, but not really* the suit comes off. *end of possible spoiler.* I was trying to destroy one of the machines blocking my path and accidentally slid into it. Needless to say, I lost all control, the only thing I could do was slide, which doesn't destroy the machines, I've found.

If you added a button able to reset just the room you were in, then I may have been able to save myself, but as it stood, I had no option to quit, and I didn't have the patience or motivation to bulldoze my way back to that point.

Overall, and I know it's been said in many reviews before mine, but I'm going to say it one more time; fix the MAJOR glitches at the very least and you'll have perhaps not a great, but definitely an enjoyable game.


(for the guy before me)
how can you say its a great game if you cant even play it?

Btw i cant stop the music from playing

TheMillz responds:

b/c it only plays fine for like 10% of ppl, everyone else seems to have issues I can't fix, because it plays fine on my comp, and you can't fix glitches that don't appear for you, right?


I loved it much like the other games but im having a script error pop up every time i play. If i accept it the game runs in a loop where the character repeatedly hits his face on the ground. All I need is for this to be fixed and its a solid game. Then again its funny to watch him eat pavement haha replay of pain.