Reviews for "Prison of Industry"


With some more polish, some fixes and updates it could be a pretty cool game.

I actually did'nt care for the style but that's an opinion so no worries.
If you jump and come in contact with a gain/Rope you should automatically catch, and some other annoyance that kinda get in the way...

With those out this game could be awesome. You did a good job. Oh and make the chains look like chains if you can =D

TheMillz responds:

I wanted an auto-grab on the chains, but Eren said it would be a bigger problem then solution. I agree with you though.


i killed a patrol thingy by sliding and i slid into a grinding thing at the same time and guess what? game crashes

TheMillz responds:

Guess what? Works fine for me

this game has major problems

i don't know why you submitted this game with so many problems

1) adrenaline doesn't even deplete half the time as it should
2) what's even the point of adrenaline if u can just replenish it yourself whenever u want in 3 seconds?
3) controls are very awkward and many objects are insensitive to recognition (namely ropes/chains).. jumping off of a chain is annoying since you have to let go of the up arrow to do it
4) enemies are barely enemies
5) what's the point of these blocking machines that you put arrows in front of? they don't seem to serve any purpose whatsoever except to waste 2 seconds of your time to destroy them by a 1,2 punch and a swift kick to the crotch
6) on the second level your health gets jammed at "0" even though the game recognizes it as 1 permanently (if you get hit once, you die).. this was my breaking point and i stopped playing the game

sorry but don't submit a game with so many issues and expect to get a decent score

i gave you a 5 because the style was cool and the gameplay had potential, although was definitely lacking

TheMillz responds:

Oh, I'm sorry. Did we make you reach your breaking point? Did a game do that? Have fun in life....

loved it

it was really awesome

TheMillz responds:

Thanks dude, glad you liked it :D

good game

but too many glitches
before uploading it you should get some friends or somone to test it first
and say if they see anything wrong with it or have glitches and whatnot..
good game tho

TheMillz responds:

My friends all found nothing on my computer, and they act like idiots trying to glitch it out, possibly plays different on other people's computers...