Reviews for "Prison of Industry"


i would like an updated version with mute because this music is kinda annoying and its fun too listen to tool and play dis game at the same time otherwise this game was pschodelic if thats the right word :)

TheMillz responds:

Click the word "music" to mute it. Merry Kwanzaa.


good, i had some real fun finding the glitches... i am not going to put any of the ones that have already been said countless times... lol

1) if you "trick fail landed" right next to a door correctly, you can go through no matter what...

2) run up walls... I sat there for a while on a wall used up my adrenaline (was in corner) and i stayed there... i could pull countless tricks and land them instantly...

3) I don't really know if it is a glitch, but if you want your adrenaline really quick just get on a rail and Up + D

4) i was on the rail doing the grind thing, and i eventually got to the top again and i somehow flew onto the top of the game... i kinda ran into a wall when it finally went upwards to a new level...

a nice game but...

ther's a big glitch in the second part....entering a new room you always die!!! how it's possible??? FIX IT PLEASE!!!


I got stuck when a chain kept failing to register, also whenever you die if you've gotten any adrenaline max upgrades, they all go away. Not a bad game but make it easier to land on chains and stuff.

A few too many glitches

Dont get me wrong, I liked this game but there were way too many glitches.

On the level where there is one single chain, a push platform to the right on a wall and then you have to climb the chain, break a box, kill two droids.

That level was fine, but the level right after that when you beat the level you would always die regardless of what happened.