Reviews for "Prison of Industry"

i like it

it was somehow scary for me :)

kinda Glithcy

sometimes when crouching you'll get stuck at some point

like it

waiting for a fixed version because after getting free when u die u get 0 hp and cannot take damage untill u take a hp power up and even with it taken i couldn't complete the second zone because at one point instead moving to next room it always said your dead

It's pretty good, but...

1. The music gets annoying after a while. Add more tracks?

2. I ran into a couple of glitches. One occured while grinding down a rail, and I got over 100% adrenaline. The game crapped after that, and put my little dude into an endless faceplant loop. The other one involved the screen where you introduce wall-running, and my guy got stuck next to a wall, and he couldn't move past that first obstacle. The third one I ran into was where my guy got stuck in the jump kick animation, and continued it even while he was on the ground. I would have gotten stuck, but a helpful patrol droid came along and killed me.

3. The background is a little annoying, and makes it hard to see some of the other objects due to them being the same color.

TheMillz responds:

You can stop music and background if you want.


Great job, but 2 things:

* Add a restart button.

* (Please) fix the glitches.

Other then that, that game was very good. The character design (after the armor broke off) reminded me of "This Game is a Joke," and that you collected needles in both games. But, still a great game!