Reviews for "Prison of Industry"

Really enjoyed it

free running meets terminator. it was a fun game to play. Wish there was more tricks and bigger things to jump off of, or maybe just make the tricks alil faster so you can do them of medium objects aswell. (still workin on the double backflip)

Rating: Awesome

Game Type: Platformer
Gameplay: Fun
Story: Good
Game Length: Great
Level Design: Great
Animation: Cool
Music: Cool
Audio: Perfect
Comments: The best platformer I played all week so far
For The Maker: I don't know why everybodys saying sorry this game wasn't glitchy for me so mabe their computers are broken......KICK ASS GAME BRO!

TheMillz responds:

Thanks man! It never glitches for me either, everything ppl say were glitches we thought we fixed, maybe it's only fixed on my comp, which is weird, but flash is weird like that sometimes....anyway, a new version is uploaded and should kick in soon!


It wouldv'e gotten a 10 but I found a glitch. On the level where is says press space bar for tips, as Iwas about to leave I fell thorugh a hole that wasn't there and I didn't comeback. Good concept, good controls. Other than that good game! 1 thumb up!

like it

waiting for a fixed version because after getting free when u die u get 0 hp and cannot take damage untill u take a hp power up and even with it taken i couldn't complete the second zone because at one point instead moving to next room it always said your dead

Just 1 Glitch

Although the graphics were a little underrated, everything was good. The glitch that I found was when I screwed up a trick and fell, if I held up and D my adrenaline would start refilling. But hey, who could complain about that?
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