Reviews for "Prison of Industry"

Very good

I like the graphics and the gameplay but anyway I found a bug that jams the game ( for me it jammed) ... If you press and hold A+Down Arrow while grinding and reaching the ground then the game jams :(
But nice job and keep going (Y) fix bugs and it will be perfect! 8/10 5/5

needs refining

Nice idea, but it needs more work. There is no restart button or menu button, so if you run out of adrenaline and can't kill yourself(which happened to me, I thought adrenaline would be more common since there seemed to be plenty in early levels), you're stuck and you need to shut down the game. The mute button doesn't work properly either: the music restarts when you enter the next level.


in the second part of the game is there a bug, i start a new life without any lifes left and i am immortal until i get a green life then i got 1 hit left and i die, can you look after it ?


But kinda buggy...

attack of the bugs!

the game looked promising. i first got to the guy who shoots you, and got stuck. closed the game, retried. got a bit further, and once again got stuck. by stuck i mean getting hit, falling getting back up and not being able to move. hope u fix this