Reviews for "Prison of Industry"


this game reminds me of mirror's edge


Its really funn and... I dont know, good? i guess. It just glitches up a lot so i cant give it a ten. Sorry):

i loved this game

Awesome game, its smart and looked great. Did you get inspiration from Half Life 2 may i ask? The characters looked a lot like the Combine forces in that game, also with the method of transporting/manufacturing the civilians reminds me a lot of the final level of Half Life 2.
Can you give me the name of the menu music? I looked at Deflektors music that you listed but they were not the right song. I've got a thing for industrial music, I just cant find their bloody names!
Keep making more stuff, you've got the knack, despite the bugs that everyone keeps mentioning!


I can't seem to beat it, there's when level where when I go through the exit it just says I died.


I was a fun game, but It gliched in a level and my character fell throught the floor...