Reviews for "Prison of Industry"


I would have loved the game but i always get a small playing screen so its like i cant see the bottom of the game. I dont know if its just my computer or if its losing space due to my tool bars on the top


I'll keep it short:
1) I liked how it was almost free-running. That's always a nice change of pace on Newgrounds. If it could be more fluid that'd be cool.
2) Chains did bug me. I got stuck on a level where I had to jump & grab a dangling chain, and it wouldn't work after everything you could try to get up & grab it.
3) Maybe make adrenaline harder to obtain w/o items, but last longer? Ienno.

Neat game.


this game is tight, style very attractive and the whole platform/puzzle kept me playing...although it was tough i never become a challange's bitch.

i dont know why people bitch about glitches, throughout the whole game i had none and no crashes at all. Keep up, a sequel would be nice too.

5/5, 10/10

TheMillz responds:

THANK YOU on the glitches, it's like it works fine for only some ppl's computers while a vast majority get nothing but glitches... we can't fix it b/c these "glitches" don't appear for us on our comps!

glitches! (again)

There is a GREAT amount of glitches in this game. In the first encounter with a patrol bot outside the tutorial I slid into it. Then my internet page stopped responding for a second or two. After it came back on, it just should the exploding effect over and over again. It's a good game to be sure. The story was good and in-depth and the art style was also great. I especially liked the tube gunners (creepy!)

But my two main problems are these: The glitches (though thats already been covered) and the genre. It's like you could not make up your mind. There is some opponents and theres slick moves (action). There's also switches, pressure plates and strategy (puzzle). But at the same time there is the atmosphere (horror).
The game is very good, but just fix the glitches and but some work into one type of game play.

loved it!

Think of a sequel ad make it even better!