Reviews for "Prison of Industry"

bug spray needed

when i had died a certain amount of times my health started at 0 and i culdnt die...exept for in one level were i died from finishin the level. so i give it 8/10 and 4/5
p.s. needs a serius bug fixin

TheMillz responds:

I just uploaded a "bug-sprayed" version, NG says it'll be updated 24-48 hours from now.

fun but a bit buggy

game was alot of fun but i got hit with alot of spots where id get stuck. you should make a reset button so that way people can avoide the bugs. but great game either way.

Decent, but bugged

Good idea and nice graphics, but about half of the time, finishing a rail slide causes the game to freeze. No choice but to restart it. It's a game breaker, considering rails are pretty rife throughout your level design. Fix the bugs, and it's a good game.

nice story...

probably not to far from the truth! i wasnt keen on the game tho, when i tried to graqb onto a rope it wouldn't let me. I tried, believe i tried many times!


good but i found a bug. the first level which isn't a tutorial. where its all thrown together.

going down the grind rail, jumped off before it'd finnished, hit the block that comes down from the floor above, and then i just fell, off the screen even.

was a good game, but that bug needs sorting.