Reviews for "Prison of Industry"

Great Game...

But it froze!!! I was having a blast with this game, but then it suddenly froze, and I couldn't do anything! But if it weren't for the game freezing, I would have given this game an eight or nine. Please try and fix the bugs, because I noticed I'm not the only one who this has happened to. After its all fixed, this game would be a great play!

its a good game

found a glitch though i cant remember which buttons i pushed but at the beginning when i was trying to get used to doing tricks in the first room i found my character stuck standing upright and not looking like he was running and even though i could move back and fourth i couldn't jump or crouch at all

Just 1 Glitch

Although the graphics were a little underrated, everything was good. The glitch that I found was when I screwed up a trick and fell, if I held up and D my adrenaline would start refilling. But hey, who could complain about that?
- Peace

Great, but

I can only give you 7 sadly. The game froze up on firefox 3.0.8 using the lastest flash version. It just...locked up randomly, said the script had failed, and bam.

Good 'til a certain part

The game was very awesome until I came to a glitch. I can't run up a wall that I am meant to, and thus ends an incredibly awesome game!

Other than that, it is a great game that runs smoothly and I hope you can sort everything out that needs be.

TheMillz responds:

This is most likely to not having adrenaline, please do tricks to gain lost adrenaline ( not a glitch ) and try again.