Reviews for "Prison of Industry"


Good idea, fun mechanics. I fell through the floor in the tutorial jumping off of a red rail. You should implement a restart button.

good but glitches!

I'm currently running round with an unlimited adrenaline and an unlimited health glitch on. fix, please, this is such a good idea, but the glitches completely break it.

great game but a bit glitchy

the gameplay was great but the adrenaline machines and the powerups arent neccesary as once i was stuck at a place where i had to wall run then jump onto a higher platform. the only thing was i was out of adrenaline. so i tryed to get sum by a normal jump and it worked! i dont know if its a glitch or a cheat or sumfing but if u press up and d at the same time or press d a millisecond after, u get free adrenaline! :S random but cool game. great storyline btw and good use of siluette graphics.

I'm likin' this.

But there's no chance in hell of you uploading the music at the start screen is there? I keep the game running just so I can listen to it.

epic win

Very creative,and never boring

p.s.to cidadelofsages,FUCK YO COUCH N***A,FUCK YO COUCH!