Reviews for "Prison of Industry"


Glitchy, stupid, and hard.

TheMillz responds:

....but enough about my dick, what did you think of the game?

Pretty good but...

...Why no jump button? Honestly the simple lack of a jump button really kills it. Remember that Mortal Kombat platformer adventure game that insisted on using fighting game controls; probably not. For the most part it works, just a really stupid oversight that has no reason to exist and would take less than a minute to fix.

I like the look. Some sort of score or timer or something would help with adding an extra sense of suspense to the game. The jumps are a little "floaty". Some sort of visual indication that adrenaline is on would be a little helpful, a slight glow around the character or edge of the screen, or some sort of blur effect (action lines for instance). Wall climbing could be faster, mostly to make the game harder, but also because it feels more like the guy has spiked shoes or something rather than making it up purely on speed. I also don't see any reason to not show what color the plates are before you step on them, it detracts from the forethought requirement a little and thus detracts from the puzzle aspect.

Mostly it needs a jump button separate from the climb button and a few little variable tweaks.

TheMillz responds:

A jump button? You have got to be fucking kidding. You press up, fucking God, you CAN NOT be serious..... have you never played a platformer before? There's also adrenaline meter too....everything you said should be there IS there!

Lol, w/e, I got my money, I don't care anymore.


Nice look, I liked the music and I like the controls. The use of adrenaline to do tricks is nice, and the grind and chains are a nice little touch.
But I can't really comment any further as I never got out of the tutorial. I hate to say it, but it's the bugs and glitches that everyone keeps talking about.
I appreciate that these may not show up on your system, but maybe you should run tests on multiple platforms, a quick visit to an internet cafe can provide that.
As a short term solution, maybe a soft reset might be a good idea. My game always glitched when I tried a combo move, and then all the controls would go dead, a two button reset or mouse based reset to reload the control system when in game might solve this problem.

It'd be great if you did fix the game, because it does have potential, it's just a shame that not many of us can play it with much success.

The control screen has a typo.

You're, not your. Learn to spell.

Not to mention the fact that computer chips didn't exist in the 1950s, and really didn't get very sophisticated until the 90s. Certainly, there is still no chip small enough that it could be fit in the brain that would have enough processing power to control people. Not to mention the fact that a hell of a lot of people would have to agree before such operations could be done, because it would be impossible to keep secret from the doctors involved.

Your scripting for the voice acting could be improved. A lot. The intro was pretty horrible.

Apart from the total lack of immersive or story quality, the game is pretty good. Work out some of the bugs, though (Crashed when I press down+A and was sliding, had constant 100% addrenaline in the second part, some other minor stuff). A pretty standard platformer, though the 'tricks' could be scrapped. The controls were not too bad (wall running and jumping off a wall took a little getting used to). The attacks could be done a little bit better (The character standing there very slowly tapping the enemy? Needs more speed and force to it).

In short, decent but nothing special.

TheMillz responds:

There can't be "glitches" with my story. It's called creativity, like how starwars is meant to be a long time ago in a galaxy far away, but still having a lot of technology. And if your ( that's right....your ) ganna bust balls over little shit like a missing apostrophe, then fuck you good sir.


i hit a dude on tutorial in his side and fell thru floor