Reviews for "Space Mutants From Space"

NOT woring

i give you 10 stars
if this runing!!!

Not working

Tried 5 times and it never works, if you want a good rating make a game that works

im crying

my name is Reignoflife and im crying like a girl because people ruin this
game because they cannot play :*(

Gr8 black screen

I just love how screen is black... it could be better if black screen is abit blacker...
and on the end of game that black screen is so cool...
pls make moar black screens...

What the hell people?

What is wrong with you people?
Totally ruining this games rating just because you cant play it yet?
Jesus christ you guys.If you cant play it.Then DONT RIGHT A DAMN REVIEW!

I actually got a chance to play it last night.And its a pretty freaking cool game.
Great graphics for a shooter.Nice movement.
Good game.