Reviews for "Space Mutants From Space"


big space invaders fan !! love the title LOLZ!!
i beat the game but in the last stage the Boss just gets stuck in place with that laser, like independence day Style u know?. is that a bug or glitch or something?

Level 48

After level 48 I get bored. I always have to pay my money for more Armor so i cant buy any new update for my tank that pissed me off :(
Perhaps nextime make a game where is no need to buy new armor or perhaps 1x Amor can take more hits.

Rationality of the response.

This response is rational.

Nicely done...

The game is defenetly not easy, but still i kinda enjoyed it...
The no music idea makes the game a little boring (didnt check if there was a music button) soooo i go tired of the game kickly (twenty minutes) dont know what to say next.


Kinda fun, but a shame that the best technique is just fire fire fire fire fire and hope for the best... got to level 15 but that boss was too hard and not worth the effort...