Reviews for "Space Mutants From Space"

Cant get it to work

Running vista64, with flash version 10.0 r12

The loader bar loads to 100%, and I am presented with a black screen. Tried in Firefox and IE.

toadtrip responds:

working on it now

well, it was a fun game.

However the upgrading system was kinda glitchy. I upgraded my armor to the maximun level, but the next round I had to upgrade the armor again! Please fix this and I'll add it to my favorites.

toadtrip responds:

thats actually intentional, your armor gets reduced every hit so it rewards avoiding being shot, instead of just maxing out your armor and soaking damage, not that you cant just soak damage, but it will cost you alot more over time.

its smooth good colours

great first flash submission toad you did great :D

toadtrip responds:

Thanks dude more to come.


This is a fun game - especially because it harps back to space invaders. I found it reasonably difficult - I restarted twice. Although I thought the last boss was easier than the first. The graphics were pretty and had a good and appropiate feel to them.

I liked the fact that you could upgrade but what I really liked was the way inwhich you got the bonuses. From what I could tell - shooting down the bonus part of the ships could make all the difference to whether you were able to fully upgrade or just partly upgrade - this adds an element of replayabilty and challenge which is just swell.

I felt the game needed some kind of ending - even if it was only a page saying "The End". There were some minor glitches with collision and occasionally when the ships changed position rapidly there would be nothing you could do but get hit if you were standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Generally a fun game that harps back to simpler times and... complicates them :)

Kinda short

The game was kinda short although very fun. The only bad thing is the 9000 cost add on was so overpowered. You didn't even need anything else besides that weapon since it made you always rack in the bonus points points since it instantly kills survivors or pods.

toadtrip responds:

15 more levels, 1 more boss added, yea the addon lazer kicks ass.