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Reviews for "Space Mutants From Space"

Fun Fun!

I play through the game.. lol made me laught that the final boss gave me 10k but I couldn't spend any of it.

2 problems to report:
1 Glitch with Boss 2, before he smashed down on me, he pops out that mine, it went all crazy and fell throught the screen a few times.
2 Glitch with Final boss, The dood just got stuck in the top left corner, the lower part kept fireing but it was too easy, I never had to me, because I could fit btw the fire and he wasn't even moving! lulz.
The add on upgrades are prety hard to get! but I like it that way.
good game :)


great game ... great graphics buuuuuuuut..... why did u made that when we upgrade that money of the enemy gets lower ... some players will get to hack thair money becouse of that.....


OK, it was good and i know why it's hot off the front page, bot it got quite boring


Its a great take on the classic "SPACE INVADERS" which obviously was a great game. The only thing i would say is, like space invaders, add a shield that you hide under which the enemy can destroy 9/10

toadtrip responds:

Thanks! We kind of thought about the shields, we'd love to add them in a later version perhaps.

Pretty cool game, love the graphics

This game is realy cool mate, good job! I loved the graphics, especially the colours and how you made the "space gun fire". I recommened this game but, how the hell do you destroy the ship in level 10?