Reviews for "Space Mutants From Space"

! Werid !

How come every time something went past you. You lose money that really pissed me off and in the upgrades you should make it so you get new cannons in stead of an upgrade.

Great game!

The style was great, and the controls were smooth! I really liked that you could attempt to fire on a crashing ship or escaping alien pilot!
Wasn't too difficult, or too easy. Good job!

And in response to Homestarrunner99's review, just don't get hit! Geez, what's the point in playing a game if there's no challange??

nice remake

don't listen to the haters. its a nice take on space invaders and real nice artwork too. I played it al the way to the end (wave 30?) and wanted to keep going. new types of weapons like lazer beems heat seekers etc might be cool additions.

toadtrip responds:

Theres actually 45 levels, im not sure if its the right build uploaded, I might play through it in a second, otherwise the 45 level version will be up today sometime. Lazers are already in, they are the top tier of the addon upgrade, thanks for the posiitve review man :)


and for this one reason only, you would get money and want to upgrade your cannon or something, but then you realized you got hit twice in the last round so you have to blow off all your money on armor just to stay alive and rarely get to upgrade other stuff.

toadtrip responds:

You know, the reason you buy alot of armor is because you suck, you should work on it.

Sweet Game!

Nice graphics, good sound, really fun to play, not much left to be desired, except for a little more info on the individual stages of the 'Addon' upgrade ;) Does it just get stronger or is the RoF increased etc.

Was a little bugged for me though, when I died on wave 30 for the first time and continued from the main menu it let me replay wave 30 and after i beat it, the game went right back to the menu. When i clicked on continue again I was back at wave 1 ~_~

Other than that: Nice one!

toadtrip responds:

there should be 45 levels, im going to get a new build up today with the last boss and the remainer hopefully!