Reviews for "Space Mutants From Space"


definitely fun at first but at wave 40, you'll die all the time on those levels with the ships that drop the giant mines and losing all money and points isnt that fun.


Well made game, not much else i can say that hasnt been said already.

here's toadtrip's site:
http://toadtrip.com/space-mutants-fro m-space

Really cool game.

I know this is not loading on newgrounds right now, but you really should go the there website. It is worth it.

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Guys, stop voting zero on this game unless you've actually played it. If you had read the author's comments, you would know it's not their fault the game is currently down right now. If you're really desperate to play, go to his website.

As for the game, very nice graphics and smooth effects. You brought back the space invaders, but gave it cooler weaponries against them aliens. Keep up the great work!

not loading

i believe it would be a great game but all i can see for now is black screen of death!