Reviews for "Space Mutants From Space"

Great game

Fun game with nice graphics and cool upgrades

toadtrip responds:

thanks dude much appreciated.


I have no idea why the current score is so low... Probably they think you didn't make it or it's because the game file is to low they think it would suck...

Anyways, lets get to review!
First: I LOVE IT!
One of the best Space Invaders remake I ever played in my life...
The graphics are just amazing, very smooth and nice effects!
I have nothing bad to say about this, just the fact that this is godly.

Faved Fived

toadtrip responds:

Yea I thought that was odd too, but o well if it doesnt do well we wont make anymore. The filesize alot bigger due to the gamejacket wrapper. Thanks for the props dude.

Good work

this game was fun nice effects.
needs more up grades for weapons.
Solid game.

toadtrip responds:

Thanks dude, like has been said before, if this one gets a decent response we are going to make more of everything, thanks for reviewing :)


It's a brilliant take on a classic game, I'm definately gonna come back and play more, nice work, maybe in the next one we'll see a survival mode?

toadtrip responds:

sure man no problems, realy depends how this one goes i guess.


I enjoyed the game play. Reminds me of a funked out modernized version of Space Invaders. The visuals are done very well. However, when I was playing I find that it didn't respond immediately when I pressed my keyboard to move. It isn't that I was lagging, it is right when the stage starts when my the keys are not responding. Nonetheless, it's a great game.

toadtrip responds:

we are looking into the controls locking shortly for you man, thanks for the headsup.