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Reviews for "Space Mutants From Space"

Not bad

This was pretty good. It was basically a space invaders clone with great graphics. The game play was a little different, but not too much where I'd call it a different game. Still, I had fun for a while.

I found a bug

you stop moving after you shoot. This renders this virtually unplayable at times. I gave up around level 8 or so. Try to fix that issue.

It's fun for awhile

...but becomes boring quickly. There are too few upgrades for the amount of levels... I died once at lvl 15, clicked to start a new game, closed the game window, re-opened it and clicked continue game this time, I started over from lvl 1 with all my upgrades intact...

There are too few upgrades for the amount of lvls in the game.


And Btw if you cant play the game of black screen... go to google and type in this game.It has other websites that work.

Great Fun

Well polished, fun and intense. I did notice one bug on the version on your site, the mothership kind of freaks out at the last level and doesn't move after it's first attack sequence. Other than that, great sound, graphics, and gameplay