Reviews for "Space Mutants From Space"


Bumblingfool...Does Space Invaders Need a Storyline??!!!

I feel I've played this one

The graphics were stunning, but I think that's the only good part. Upgrades were nice addition, although not very unique like the game itself. Bothers to use the mouse click to shoot when you can't control the tanks gun.

just space invaders, revisited

Really an uninteresting game. Too few upgrades. No story line whatsoever.

ehh not bad but...

everything here has been done before...and better, maybe with a small exception for graphics, its kind of the same game we've all played a million times but it looks nicer, try adding something a little more unique that makes the game fun and interesting to play.

fun for awhile

It was okay for awhile. If you do bad in the beginning, the rest of the game sucks. When i started over and knew better or what I was doing, it was very easy. I had all the upgrades before the first boss. Also even on your website there the final boss on lvl 45 just sat there shooting his beam in one spot. Made it very easy to beat him.

It was a good concept and graphics, but something needs to be done where if you screw up in the beginning, it doesnt screw you the whole way. Maybe get rid of the multiplier for money but keep it there for points.