Reviews for "Space Mutants From Space"


it is quite simplistic, but it is very well done , and still fun to play. I really fun time killer to pass boring times at work. but what I totally like about this game is the art, it has excellent visuals, and every explosion is a show to watch.
it is a very nicely done game.

toadtrip responds:

Cheers! Appreciate it.

Fun as hell!

It's nice to see when someone takes an old concept and gives it a well deserved overhaul. What you've done is taken the space invaders that we all grew up with and really tuned it up, making it a game worthy of today's challenge seeking gamer. The graphics were crisp, the sound was fairly good and the gameplay was simple but challenging, and in a way that makes the game fun and not frustrating. Great job and best of luck in future submissions.

Loved it

I positively loved it! Its a whole new take on the classic space invaders game that really works out. The controls are very smooth and there aren't any glitches except for the one that gave you 2 grand and made you start the entire game over. The bosses were very good too, a favorite being the floating head of that tripod. The only downside appears to be the upgrades: Waaaaay too expensive. There was a point after the first boss where i couldn't get enough money to upgrade anything at all. The addons should be the most expensive, the armor being less. Everything else had prices skyrocketing further than the alien's ejecting from their downed burning wreck of a flying saucer.

Hope there will be sequel, with mini-bosses and new weapons!

wierd ending

why would you win 2000 $ if.... you start again at level 30, doesnt make any sense,
anyways, i love the game, it was good :), buuut the additional weapons are waaay to expensive
after the first one, well, i let 5 rounds without buying anything and i just didnt have enough... no matter how many bonuses, i couldnt get more than a thousend per round... you gotta get that fixed ;)


Really fun game man, you should be proud of making such an addicting, well polished game. I really like the new take on Space Invaders and how you can shoot down falling ships or pilots that escaped just in time. Money flow was just right. Just enough to get you healed up if you needed and kinda twisted the screws toward the end on getting the higher tier upgrades. As i said, be proud of this, its awesome. And make a sequel man!