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Reviews for "Space Mutants From Space"

its a great game but

why do some upgrades cost very high? like the add-on thing?

toadtrip responds:

the addons are quite powerful, particularly addon level 3, the addon lazer basicly owns


But friggin awesome.
Sound effects were great as weel as the artwork :D

Prime job, just short and the background could use more of a touchup :D

toadtrip responds:

Thanks man :)

Loved it

A great game, really remind me of space invaders.
Giving you a 9 cause I wish to see more upgrades and stuff. And in my opinion, the armor upgrade gets too ex sometimes.

@ 1qsc: I was able to max everything out at around lvl 22.

toadtrip responds:

We actually toned down the armour costs from it's original price. ;) I suppose the thinking is that we are trying to ramp up the difficulty as you go along, giving you smaller but more frequent upgrades at the start of the game. The final addon is very powerful, so we have restricted that to a higher tier.

sweet game

you need to tweek the hit boxes i remember seeing my bullets pass through a lot of ships, also let stuff carry over money i mean i had about 5000 saved up at the end of the game to try and buy the rest of the add ons and i couldnt use my money. that being said the add ons were to exspensive i don't see someoen being able to buy anything esle and max out the add on aswell

toadtrip responds:

Thanks for the review. Yeah, there are some probs with collision on slower PCs and/or when the game is bogging down. I haven't really had time to integrate a proper solution for when the framerate drops off, so sorry about that. We will definitely be looking into it.


simply glorious to look at.

Space invaders, but awesomer. The oldest game out there with a graphical update, an upgrade system, and truly fantastic visuals The crashes were particularly nice.

Great game!

toadtrip responds:

Thanks, Appreciated!