Reviews for "Space Mutants From Space"


Usually I hate space invaders remakes but this one was just great!
Graphics was top. Gameplay was some different. Tho it's not my type of game I really see it's really good.

Old school.

Love space invaders idea with very nice graphics.

Nice new look to an old game.

This exact game has been around before. Same basic enemies. Same basic structure. Same basic (and short) upgrade tree. My problem with it before was that after you win it's the same crap all over again only there was no more upgrade path. Didn't play this game past the maxed upgrade path as it gets boring real fast after that. On the lighter side it does look much better than previous iterations of this game.

Not bad, not great

Not bad really, mostly a button masher. Money was good, I liked the bonus for hitting falling aliens. Last boss seems to be glitched, didn't move or even attack. Overall, mostly mediocre gameplay with nice visuals.

Only one problem:

I really did like the game, kills time at work, but the only real problem I did have with this game was why give a money prize when you beat the last "boss" when it becomes worthless when you continue from the main menu. You start anew with 0 score and money. I would at least say transfer over the money and up grades. That way the playability is at least a little higher than before. Besides that good game :D