Reviews for "Space Mutants From Space"

Good work

this game was fun nice effects.
needs more up grades for weapons.
Solid game.

toadtrip responds:

Thanks dude, like has been said before, if this one gets a decent response we are going to make more of everything, thanks for reviewing :)

Sweet Game!

Nice graphics, good sound, really fun to play, not much left to be desired, except for a little more info on the individual stages of the 'Addon' upgrade ;) Does it just get stronger or is the RoF increased etc.

Was a little bugged for me though, when I died on wave 30 for the first time and continued from the main menu it let me replay wave 30 and after i beat it, the game went right back to the menu. When i clicked on continue again I was back at wave 1 ~_~

Other than that: Nice one!

toadtrip responds:

there should be 45 levels, im going to get a new build up today with the last boss and the remainer hopefully!

good game

good game and good controls not very diffucult.
but you could reduce the penalty for dying.

and dont use cheap tactics for the boss on level 15


Its a great take on the classic "SPACE INVADERS" which obviously was a great game. The only thing i would say is, like space invaders, add a shield that you hide under which the enemy can destroy 9/10

toadtrip responds:

Thanks! We kind of thought about the shields, we'd love to add them in a later version perhaps.


Usually I hate space invaders remakes but this one was just great!
Graphics was top. Gameplay was some different. Tho it's not my type of game I really see it's really good.