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Reviews for "Space Mutants From Space"


Worked for me fine on Newgrounds. As for the game itself, I personally found it a bit boring, though nice to look at. The upgrades need some work. The cannon upgrade didn't seem to do anything, enemies didn't seem to die any faster. And the add-on upgrade didn't seem to have any effect past the first one either, and considering the price, it doesn't seem worth touching. Also, the last boss bugged out for me too and just hung around doing nothing.

And on the subject of bosses, I hate bosses in games that have a huge pool of health and give no visible indication as to how much health they have left (or, indeed, if you're even damaging it) If they had something as simple as a health bar somewhere, of some sort, it would be worth an extra 2/10 for me.


not that great
it works on NGs now, so I guess it was fixed
its decent, but it honestly looks like a Wii Ware version of Space invaers
not the best and not the worst

Doesn't work

Why should newgrounds users review something that doesn't work on newgrounds? I dont have enough will to find somewhere else to play it.


I played it in your site.When i went to 3rd Boss it just bugged and did nothing.all i did was fire at it.

Nice game....if it worked on THIS site.

I had to go play it on the author's site, which isn't a really bad thing, but they need to get it working on this site. I didn't get a black screen, but it did just sit at the loading screen even when it finished loading.

Good graphics, great take on the Space Invader shooter, nice upgrades (could use a few more though) and good sound effects.