Reviews for "Ytown Public 3"

Im gonna laugh in any minute now 8|


It was ok

I remember seeing this about a year ago and thinking it was hilarious but now that I see this it is barely funny at all.You should have worked on that aspect of the film.The art and animation was great and it was definately better than the second.And I really liked the music at the end.

This was just okay. It was nothing unique, much like the rest of this series. It was kind of interesting to see more of a story unfold. There was at least something going on. I had no idea there would be a story from the beginning of this. The start just seemed so random.

You did get some good jokes in there. I do think the animation could be better. The characters need to move better. The colors are pretty good. It was at least unpredictable.

I really can't stand this series.

They just aren't funny to me. He does a pretty nice job with the graphics though.

McRhyme responds:

I remember you...
You have reviewed some other of my movies. So it's safe to say that you will return and make me more blue in the future, reviewing comming episodes (or even #4). Like I've said before, a million times, EVERYONE can't like the same SHIT! Some like Xiao Xiao, some like Eskimo Bob and some like Ytown Public. Good thing you liked the gfx (giving it a high 5 :)

FatherGilpin, I think it's about time we burry this war hatchet and start making... peace.

not funny

i hate the voices too, is the newton burger sopposed to be a joke? its not funny.you great art talent but the storie is crappy.gets a 2.sorry