Reviews for "Ytown Public 3"

Wicked movie

First time i saw the series and cannot wait to see more of it! good job.

McRhyme responds:

Haha! Thanks man. I'm making more right now. It takes about a month to make an episode so hold on!

Yeah I just got to be an official series with a little main page here at Newgrounds... look at the little link called "Related Stuff YTOWN PUBLIC". That's neat, that really neat!

Bra jobbat Marcus!

Ja skulle gärna vilja va me i nästa film....låt mej gissa.... Du bor i Ystad eller hur? Aja Ha de bra!

McRhyme responds:

Yeah, I'd like to be in your next movie... let me guess... You live in Ystad, don't you? Take care!

Thank you. Please write in English. Swedish in not a global language! Yes, I do come from Ystad = Ytown and I have been working as a substitute teacher, so I know what I'm talking about. Being a substitute is hard work!

This Series Rules!

Some of the action is a little slow. Other then that it is a really nice cartoon! Keep up the good work!

McRhyme responds:

Glad you liked it. If the action runs slow you should probably try to lower the quality - And it will runs faster. If you like this episode you might also like the second one. The first one however is kinda crappy.

Thanks again. It feels good to get some more motivation.

Haha... good job!

Newtons... YUMMAY!!!!
My only complaint... and it's small... is the vocals... they peirced my ear sometimes... and man... the bear was cool and all... but maybe the person who does vocals on the bear can, (without being to harsh) 'practice' on the vocals?

McRhyme responds:

I do the bear myself and he talks very slowly because I'm trying to make a really deep voice. I'll let you know that I had a sore throat several days after recording those vocals. Damn, it's hard work I tell ya.

i didnt like this

it was dumb and not funny at all. i can't believe this is higher than eskimo bob!

McRhyme responds:

Please... at least get a profile so I can see your face before you say things like that.