Reviews for "Ytown Public 3"


The graphics are great! I love how all of the characters look! The voices suck. The story is wack, but better than the first ones. What a waste of beautiful scenes.

well the

the script blew like hell!! um the writing also kind sucked!! but the graphix were ok

McRhyme responds:

Thank you. I don't really consider myself, an author or a writer, but I do want to be recognized as an animator and you cleary made that recognition. Thanks. Mind the spelling.

Decent graphics but....

the writing sucked in a kind of "I'm 15 and can't write for shit" way. Really, that script sucked ass. Next time, do a silent toon.

McRhyme responds:

Haha! Yeah, I know what you mean. The story is strange and some don't like it.

i didnt like this

it was dumb and not funny at all. i can't believe this is higher than eskimo bob!

McRhyme responds:

Please... at least get a profile so I can see your face before you say things like that.