Reviews for "Ytown Public 3"


man i chocked i was laughing so hard!... but, i was only just getting into it... hahaha "newton, Yummy!" hahah class

McRhyme responds:

I like shoking people that way.

Gimme moreeeee

Well....I think I like Ytown Public now!:)
Please keep on good works
I am Waiting for Ytown Public more & more & more & more & more....

McRhyme responds:

I am making more. Take it easy! Haha!

What the fuck is up with Barbie?

She hates stupid shit, but then wants the bear?!

McRhyme responds:

Her name is BARBARA, not Barbie. Haha. And she is stupid. That's why she's terrified when she sees a small spider and relieved when she sees the fearsome bear. Haha.

not too bad..

hmmm... some problems wit the story... nto too bad... nice job. not too interesting though..

McRhyme responds:

Yeah, the whole class room scene is very badly story boarded. I hate that scene, but on the other hand - I really like the forrest scene and the space scene. I focus on the positive shit that happens!

((( HMMMMM )))

ok well it gets better as it goes along, still like the artwork, kinda a big file size but still worth it...

McRhyme responds:

Thanks, I'm afraid the file size explodes in the last epsiodes as I started using more grafics, longer epsiodes and more effects! But it's all worth it, if you're into the Ytown-type of humour!