Reviews for "Ytown Public 3"

ha ha



McRhyme responds:

Newton? Yummy!

Thanks for all your reviews! Thanks alot! More to come, I promise!

You one sick bastard

This was... hmm, strange, but some of really funny parts saved this movie, and made me to give it a 10 for over all score, so, if I can live with it, so should you :P.

McRhyme responds:

Thanks man! You thought it was strange, well you it is a bit strange - but if you have seen the second episode it kinda starts making some sense! It will just get stranger and sicker. Haha! But it all gonna make sense in the end. I promise! #4 is just about a weak away!

"I burn brain cells like you for breakfast"

LIterally. When did the blonde girl go to the woods? That was out of nowhere.

McRhyme responds:

Ah, I sense intelligence.

That rhymes.


Barbara didn't start at all in #2, but you did see her in #1. So I thought, why isn't she in class, right? And the most logical explanation I could come up with was... her being in the woods picking flowers. I really wanted to "shoot" in an other environment than the school. The woods was a nice place to choose. I wanted the beginning to look like a really fancy Disney film with Barbara sitting in the grass pick flowers. I had to make her walk though because the ZOOM effect of her sitting in that environment was too heavy for my computer.

Now I'm tired.

I guess she skippes classes every now and then. BUT DON'T DO THAT KIDS LOOK WHAT CAN HAPPEN. Sorry, that was really immature.

ai reely laik yor moovys.

Ai reellee laik de wai yoo did de lush grein forest. I love de litebeems, and de wai yoo doo all yor shaiding on evereefing.

i laik yumee, and ai laik yor end and ai laik the taitel.

Oh, sorree if ai mispelt aneething.

ai also laik de way dat al de episods lead into one anoder.

At de start ai dident laik dis, but now ai do.

ai laik de trivia, but its betir at de start.

Oh, yoo shood maik a third trivia!!!

wiv a singing korus of brane sells!

Oh, and soree if ai mispelt anything.


This was quite the random episode with everything that was going on,the animation looked a lot better than previous episodes and the plot of this one was really good too,this series is quite crazy so far but fun to watch. =)