Reviews for "Ytown Public 3"

2 words

no i mean 3 words MAKE MORE MOVIES NOW!
no i mean 4 words MAKE MORE MOVIES NOW PLZ!
no i mean i like your work keep it up
no i mean keep up the good work

McRhyme responds:

I'm making new movies! Episode 4 is taking shape and I hope it will become the best episode so far! Do you guys think I should start givning you pictures and write a little on the Forum about how the work progresses?

i want to say summat in number 4!

how about "hnnnnghhhhh! jesus that 54th taco was a mistake. pass me my handbag you green haired sweaty fool!"? since i dont need the bog this time i was going to write a proper review but now i cant think of anything to say.....

McRhyme responds:

Hehe! You should really work on your reviews! Haha! Yeah... but it was nice that you gave it another shot! One day you might even make a good review! Haha! One day in the far future! Hehe! I will contact you about making voices! I have some great charaters without voices in episode 4 and 5! Yeah!

not to funny

but it is good. I don't know if you could be a comedian but you make a great writer and flash artist. Maybe you could make a ytown public dressup game? I wanna see a kiss between Glory Gal and Barbara heh heh

McRhyme responds:

Haha! A dress up game. You dirty little rat! You want to see them kiss, eh? Okey - Here's what you do! You simply make Ytown Spoof and make them kiss, yeah? I can't make flash from here (in in the UK, not in Sweden)

Still Awesome, Dude!!!

I've watched your 1st 2 movie of YTown Public and they're still Awesome.

McRhyme responds:

Thank you! Glad you checked out the whole show! Ytown Public is a nice little weird story. Weird stories rock.

mmm that curt!

That curt is one bad mama Jamma.... Like Mr.T!

Do you play guitar?

McRhyme responds:

Yes, I do play the guitar. That's one of my main intrests. It's fantastic what you can do with a guitar and a recording studio, isn't? I've made all the music, I really dig the intro music.