Reviews for "Ytown Public 3"

Great Job

Good artwork and really funny. It has a lot of interactivity for a movie too. I'd love to do some vocals for the next episode, e-mail me at OblivionXI@cs.com

McRhyme responds:

Yeah I tried to make it a bit more interactive this time. Glad you liked it - Makes me wanna do some more!

And voices. Cool. I'll contact you when I know more!


Much better then the last two, this one was much more smoother and the graphics were brilliant and sharp.

McRhyme responds:

Thanks Mr Clown Man. Hehe. I'm working on the 4:th episode as we speak. It will kick off just where #3 ended.

great, too!

Man, I love the gfx! Sfx are nice, too. Using captions also help when the sound isn't very clear, especially for brazilian guys like me :)
The story is very nice too... Netwon.. Yummie!

McRhyme responds:

Yeah, I learned that from making YP#1. There I didn't have any subtitles, and everyone kept telling me they couldn't make out what the characters were saying. Annoying for me to hear, so I made text along with the speach.

Hehe, it isn't easy for me to get all the English either, I'm from sweden, you know!


This was quite the random episode with everything that was going on,the animation looked a lot better than previous episodes and the plot of this one was really good too,this series is quite crazy so far but fun to watch. =)