Reviews for "Ytown Public 3"


BRAIN CELL! And I'm in the credits! I'm kinda dissapointed though, the brain cell didn't sing! None the matter, I'm still in the credits! Good movie series. Watch em all. Sentence fragments. Fun! AHA! Merry Christmas and stuff. BTW! WATCH IT!

McRhyme responds:

Yeah, it's true the brain cell didn't sing in this episode, I didn't want to over-do the song. Maybe I should add a small episode with him singing in at MTV with his latest music video. So he drops out of school to do music. Yeah. Hey the next episode with probably include a sertain Mr Pencil Case. Haha!

I wish my job would get a T3 modem with the LAN

Well i turned off my distrubed CD and actually sat down and watched and heard the movie... well the pencil sharpner and the catapiler are obviously NOT you cause the mic doesn't suck. Well all and all it's pretty funny... Ok i'll wait till I get home on my cable modem to watch the rest. Ok i'm off to burger bear lataz...

McRhyme responds:

I wish I had one too. Man, I've got a damn modem! Sucks! And I repspond to everything - It's EXPENSIVE!!!

Buy a T-shirt :)

Like it A-LOT!

I've always enjoyed this series, gives me inspiration, for my own flash movies, beiing that I HAVE no job.
Anyway, this is pretty damn funny and I always look forward to new episodes, I wonder if I could help with the next one...?

McRhyme responds:

I looked at your series. Keep animating! When you are 20 years, you'll probably kick my ass!

I am not making anymore YP.

mommy ive got nightmares!

hehe evil alien clones, bears and NEWTON what a mix gotta love it and the pencil sharpener could have been left out but :D he showed that crack head aye..hehe keep it up dude ur doin great!