Reviews for "Ytown Public 3"

En riktigt bra flashfilm !

jag har sett alla dina flashfilmer och de är ju jätte bra allihopa !
Grafiken e skitsnack och all rörelser är underbara !
Keep it up man !

McRhyme responds:

Okey I think I'll translate this so everyone can understand:

- I have seen all you movies and they are all really good. The gfx are "bullshit" (in a nice way) and the animation is wonderful!
Keep it up.

Thanks man. Try typing in English or someone might get mad... please!

Wicked movie

First time i saw the series and cannot wait to see more of it! good job.

McRhyme responds:

Haha! Thanks man. I'm making more right now. It takes about a month to make an episode so hold on!

Yeah I just got to be an official series with a little main page here at Newgrounds... look at the little link called "Related Stuff YTOWN PUBLIC". That's neat, that really neat!

8 even... It's our deal...

If you make all the movies you ever make, as good or as bad as this... I will always vote 8 all around. Deal?

McRhyme responds:

Deal... but I will only make better movies, so forget about the 8.

Good `ol Y town...

i love the series of Y Town... but for some reason i cant help but think (mabey its my speakers but people i show this to agree with me) the voices sound a little.... well gay =P but dont take my word for it (i might be actually trying to write good reviews from now on, now that my spam-o-matic machine is broken and all)

McRhyme responds:

You show this to people?! That's great! Thank you! I know the voices are a bit strange, please bear in mind though that I'm from Sweden. That means that Swedish is my first language. English is my secound. That might be why you thinkn it sounds strange.

Thaks you for trying to write good reviews. That's a very idea!

Now show it to more people!


I wonder what it would feel like to be contained in a vat of slimey fluids... maybe I'll put jello in the bath tub. Anyways this episobe was really weird, with the blonde running from everything BUT the bear. It was sort of funny, but needs some work