Reviews for "Ytown Public 3"


Finally episode 3!!
Great job Marc!! I was VERY impressed with EVERYTHING this time. The vocals were really good, the art was stunning, and the humor was kicked up a few notches. I loved the part at the beggining..a toad!! A Squirrel!! LOL!! I think the Bear is the funniest of the group now. "Its Yummy"!!
The intro part with the forest was very nice. I liked the way you used the layers and the scrolling effect. I liked the rays of light coming theu the trees too. Really sweet.
Overall...I give it a 10!! Good job!!

McRhyme responds:

Newton Yummy... Yeah the bear. Did you see the info about him? Hehe...

*mY 5 POINTs*

*Damn I can't believe this has been on NG for 3 days and I didn't notice before! This the best YP flash yet. This time I can't argue about the action, it was there.
*I can accept the talking bear in this one, but please don't make it an habbit. For exemple, the CU anims lost my interest because of that. Make new characters of course, but human ones please:)
*The animations were smooooth, really fluid. The drawings also seems more clear and precise. Please keep on doing this, it shows talent that few NG artists can produce. Oh by the way, just for a little viewing aspect, should'nt you make the characters icon clear when we highlight it instead of making it blur?
*Your local band is the best. That damn theme song gets stuck in my head for hours. And the other background music in the flash blends nicely within the action too.
*Thanx for thanking me! (kinda akward sentence) I was wondering if you had received my sort of script or if I fucked up again with Outlook express. By the way, I'd like to make some voice for a character. Ever need one with a french accent in particular? If not well I can still do the job.

McRhyme responds:

Remi, mon ami. Je suis très heureux que tu aimes le film. Non, je n'ai pas recu ton email, mais je le veux bien...

AAAHHH! That language is so hard. I'll do it in English instead:

Yes, I will make more. I'm working on the script for the next episode and making some nice backgrounds, like a crashed UFO and so on...

I would really like to get your email, you talked about it but I never got it- You gotta learn how to sent emails!

I need you in my movie. Your voice that is. And if you wonder why I had you in my credits. Well, I think your reviews are excellent! You help people by giving useful critizism. Newgrounds needs more people like you.

And last, the music. It's not my local band who has made the intro song. It is me as a solo act. I have made all the music myself, strumming my guitar and slapping my bass. Just so you know... It really takes alot of time to layer up the songs intrument by intrument. So I'm glad you thought it was good.


This is quickly becoming my favorite series at NG

You do a great job on flash. I have watched all 3 Ytown episodes, and you can see the improvement in each one.:) You do a great job.:) The sound quality is good (which is very hard to find in some flash animations that I have seen, you can't understand a word they are saying), and the background music is great.:) I think it is very cool that you do it yourself.:) So overall I would say you are a great animator, and musician, and I look foward to the other Ytown episodes.:)

McRhyme responds:

That's a lot of ":)"

Glad you like what I'm doing and that you think the sound is good! I'm working my fingers to the wrist to make #4. It will include some 3D backgrounds. Hurrah!

This is a great series

Now make more.....
NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

McRhyme responds:

I am making more, but it's lots of work so it will take a couple of more weeks!

mmm that curt!

That curt is one bad mama Jamma.... Like Mr.T!

Do you play guitar?

McRhyme responds:

Yes, I do play the guitar. That's one of my main intrests. It's fantastic what you can do with a guitar and a recording studio, isn't? I've made all the music, I really dig the intro music.