Reviews for "Reiko - Captive Audience"

Well done.

It was a well done flash, no one can take the away from you. In this particularly unique instance I am quite glad you chose to step away form your normal flashes and tread into "new" ground (no pun intended). Congratulations, I look forward to seeing more of Reiko in animated form.

4/5 only diminished by length.

I was going to say short and sweet...

But I don't think "sweet" is the right word. I loved it. Would love to see a Reiko flash go a little bit longer one day. I can't knock the 30 seconds I did see. Thanks!

"I see the beginning of a series!"

I see some Foamy-esque features in the toon, but that's really not a bad thing (Member Of The Fominian Cult! Whooo!). I'm quite glad that there's now a Reiko one because I am a semi-fan of her, too. Overall, not bad at all. XD

OK but....

I am a strong fan of Foamy and Reiko. I enjoyed this short very much but.... The Reiko I know and love, Her eyes are not that big in the comics. They are more slim and slanted and I believe it gives her a little more character. The Bubble eyed Reko in this short I believe would be better if the eyes were more true to her strip look.


I like it but im kinda used to the comic. granted this is nice and short like the comic itself i prefer the the detailed artwork of it not that this flash was bad. your artwork brought out the true grace of reiko whereas this kinda limited it. overall im still a fan.

p.s. what did i just write.

TaintedInk responds:

To each his own. Different artists have different styles, of course. For me it's interesting to see different artists' take on my characters. And to be honest my heavily-detailed style is somewhat difficult to animate.