Reviews for "Reiko - Captive Audience"


at first i didnt get it till i saw the kids under the ice it was great gave it a 5

I didn't see that coming...

I will be honest, I did not foresee the end. Well done! I thought it was creative and the style is wonderful, especially considering the darker theme. And as usual, great choice in music. Good job and I hope you submit more soon!

Heh. Short 'n Simle, and sticks to the Title.

I thought it meant 'Captive' Audience, as in hostages, but soon as I saw a bunch of hapless, frozen children in the ice, I found it pretty funny, t'say the 'least. Oh, and, 'Big'BlackRon? I thought the whole point of Reviews was to give an actual feed-back and/or compliment on the Flash Movie/Game, not a half-assed review stating some pointless gibberish. Anyways, pretty cool short-flash. Kudos.

didnt aprove

did not like such humor for a small flash

Alot of idiot reviewers on newgrounds..

People. This flash cartoon isent ment to be long, because its more of an advertizement for the other persons web comic.

"Then why is it doing so well. wah wah"

Becausae, even tho it is basic simple tweened actions, your all blamming this because of the sheer fact that its not a ton of work put into it like some other flashes.

....Theres still a creepy meaning behind it. Obviously illwillpress is a bit in the Gothic area...right? SO just think in the gothic world for a second. and there.. its a creepy kinda cool ..erm..meaning.. i suppose you could say.

5 for you.