Reviews for "Reiko - Captive Audience"

look it has to be said

anyone with flash couldnt make that movie, you show no skill, you just tween random objects and want people to bask in your glory, and this time not only does it not look good, but you made someone ELSES property look bad, which isnt a good idea, i never thought id say this buy stick to your foamy cartoons, atleast then you arent completely giving people the wrong idea of someone elses work


It was decent animation and all, but it was just not a very good flash, it didn't really have any point (maybe if you know more about the character then it has more of a meaning...) Sorry about the low score, I'm a great fan of neurotically yours, but this kinda sucked... I was half expecting her to stop, then start speaking really fast in a high pitched voice and appear at the top of the screen, but no such luck :(

Well Done!

To Vincent Grisanti and Jonathan Ian Mathers. Your the best tag team of flash animation ever. Congrats!

Poor animation techniques meet Hot Topic

Animation was very stoic and in no way immersing. The character seems to be a knock off of Emily Strange and completely unoriginal. The people frozen in the lake retained the color they would have if still alive. The music was at least fitting, but the repeating sound effect of the skates was not only annoying, but lacked definition.

Nice Job!

Does this mean goodbye to foamy?