Reviews for "Reiko - Captive Audience"

Short but sweet

there is something intrancing about this flash movie i don know what though, ad to me the goth chick looked kind of like a goth elf or something i think it was because of the ears

TaintedInk responds:

She's actually a little demon.

Okay Flash Video.

It was very short, but the animation was still very good.

Nice short.

This is a nice little short and I feel it got a little underrated. Short films always do on NG's. They seem to beleive length equals quality. Anyways, keep up the good work it's nice to see.

TaintedInk responds:

Short but sweet, like it was meant to be.

loved it

u need to make more it could be bigger then foamy


Well at the first part of the clip, I was like.. hmm... whats going on here? Had no idea what was going on, just knowing she was skating, and it was getting boring, then the zoom out and the dead kids under the water..

I was.. wow.. thats, trippy..

now im curious on how she was able to do that