Reviews for "Reiko - Captive Audience"

Substandard , dissapointing , and yet intriguing.

An honest description of what you are about to see :

1)Before you open this flash , you are told that this flash was made by Illwillpress all over it!

2)You open the flash and you see a little gothic chick skating over an icy surface for not even 30 seconds while a sad , melancholic loop plays on the background. There are dead bodies underneath it.

3) The flash is over. Really. You are left puzzled and confused with what you just saw and yet somewhat intrigued by how this flash's score managed to get so inflated.

5) You snap back into reality. You just witnessed yet another monstrosity made by IWP.

TaintedInk responds:

Your review is unfair and abusive. Even if you did not enjoy it, calling this cartoon "substandard" or a "monstrosity" is certain unfounded criticism. You saw the name of the author and obviously had judged the material negatively before watching it. Next time judge the material on its own merit, and not according to your irrational grudge against the artist.


it was alright, no my favorate but... yea

Jon did a good job animating

More plot!!!!

It has potential, however I do hope the story line was just a mock up cos there was a lot less (in my humble opinion) put into the plot than john's usual material :P. No I thought it was great, Little to dark and erry but other than that nice. The comics rock, the humour in them..... great. however if he could apply the one thing (in the flash, the jpegs were so cool) nobody can deny about the creator of the fominian cult is that they have depth. Little more work on the the plot and is has the potential to kick booty.

TaintedInk responds:

I'm not sure you understand the premise. This animation is based on my "Contemplating Reiko" comic strip which has a very different style than Jon's usual material. Each Reiko strip or cartoon short basically expresses a single gag, not a plot per se. I recommend that you check out the material at ContemplatingReiko.com for more insight.

short but swweeeeet

its alright i get the point and all but (not the actual flash i mean captive audience duh) but i mean of rieko and all and i judged u accordingly for in the end we are all judged like cattle and i can happily say ur better than me but uno what that just means they will eat u first ; >


I knew she would be animated some time. Shes so sweet and cute...

By the way I like how it is short captures the essence of the one frame comics.

It would be nice if one was made every week or so... ;3

TaintedInk responds:

"Some time"? I'm glad you like this one, but there are several older Reiko animations. Since you visit my site to read the comics I'm not sure how you missed the animations. Please do check them out.