Reviews for "Reiko - Captive Audience"

Too short!

Normally you guys make really good flash of a decent length but this was way to short, lacked a story line and the sound was boaring and repetitive!
This sort of stuff belongs on personall websites or arty ones like deviant art for example!
No offence but for you this was kinda lazy sorry dudes!

[probably only passed because of fan boys!]


I really do not like this... at all... I am pretty sure the Foamy cult made it so popular... I like all the other works with that crazy squirrel... but not this... at all.


I do see potential in this character as far as flash, but this particular escapade fell flat for a few reasons.

1) Length. Yes, I know it's supposed to be a short gag, the equivalent to an animated one-liner. But the pacing of the buildup and the actual gag (which I'm sorry, was a weak punchline..) was frankly, a bit lacking. Then again, that particular joke is kind of hard to pace well, and probably would've served better as a one-shot strip.

2) Animation. Admittedly, this is a slight step up from Foamy in that there was a tiny bit of animation, even if it was just limited to one repeating symbol of flowing hair. Personally I'd look into finding someone else to do your toons, if you do more.

3) Disproportionate attention. Had IWP not been credited this would've been another mediocre flash to pass the the portal, get a few chuckles, and have a peaceful if slightly unviewed existance. But putting his name on it thrust you into a limelight that was not needed and thus tossed you to the wolves. Getting front page was the worst thing that could've happened to this from a feedback point of view, though it is good advertising for your site.

I know you're going to receive a billion reviews on this insulting illwillpress so I'm really not trying to add to them, but honestly, if you're looking to make a cartoon series, I'd look into someone that can do more than a few basic, repeating tweens. Don't let someone else sink your ship.

not much to see...

It was short, funny that because it was made by ILLWILLPRESS, known for making cartoons that have hardly any animation, normally just made with the same things over and over again. But back to this, it was very short, with very little sound.

From The-Nintendofreak


It's spelled "what a waste of time"