Reviews for "Reiko - Captive Audience"

k wierd

Tis was good. I love ironic humor. It was handle here ok.

god but not graet

it is good to see artist sharing works the cross over worked the blend of J.I.M to the Reiko would like to see Neurotically Your done by Vincent Grisanti

not bad

hey I like "Neurotically Yours" , and the animation on this is good, however the artwork is just not the same as the other movies, it just lacks....oh what is the word i'm looking for.....well if I find out that word i'll let you know.


The idea is disturbing enough... but the presentation in color kinda takes away some "Reiko-ness".

not good

ok this is the worst of all the reiko movies first off the color makes it lose that extra bit of authenticity second reiko looks retarted in this one and third no real blood or gore so next time make it like all the others