Reviews for "Reiko - Captive Audience"

A little explanation would be nice.

I'm bet you're already tired of hearing this, but I don't really understand why this is on the main page here. I'm sure there's something that I'm missing, or it's something I don't understand, so sorry about that.
I can understand using an already built-up fanbase to showcase a new project, bonus animation, or something like that, but to show it to people who don't know about it isn't really fair, It would've sufficed to provide some sort of explaination other than "Hey, the guy from IllWillPress made this~" and the character's name. And this little animation alone didn't really persuade me to google the name or visit the site, so I'll just leave it lie with whoever likes it now.
It looks like it could easily be done for a weekly sort of cartoon, or another thing along those lines (i don't know if that's what this will be, just saying). It's simple, yet elegant. I'd say to give a bit more detail in the background a bit more, but that may have been because it was zoomed in a bit in the beginning. The kid that looked surprised in the ice made me giggle. I suppose the music fit the scene, though I wasn't too sure of what it was going for. But I like piano-y music.
It gets a 7/10 (B-) from me, mostly becuase of the length and a non-explanation of the character, but I liked the art style for what it was, and the movement was smooth for the framerate. Good job.

TaintedInk responds:

I'm sorry. I guess I thought the cartoon was simple enough not to need any explanation. It was just a short but sweet little gag, and the giggle you got really was the point. So I think you understood as much as was needed, but I will expand the synopsis a bit if it will help.


Hmm Its better that anything I can do so far... Just don't think its worthy of front page...

TaintedInk responds:

Fair enough.

nice sound

Captive Audience. Hey, I get it! that was so cool.

TaintedInk responds:

"Cool" being the operative word.

I dont y but reminds me of Elfen Lied hmm

great liked it.(its short but sweet)

TaintedInk responds:

I'm glad you liked the cartoon. I think "short and sweet" describes it well.

Sweet, 'lil Reiko

This is definetly her. 'Nuff said.

And to all the people complaining about it being on front page, or about how it has no plot and who knows what other nonsense: Go read Contemplaing Reiko. Now.

TaintedInk responds:

Thanks for "getting it". Eventhough it's drawn in Jon's style I also feel it is definitely her.