Reviews for "Reiko - Captive Audience"


that was amazing... the graphics the everything nice concept with the tournament thingy and panties O.o NICE

uh... huh?

As usual, you have good ideas, and bad ones. Some of the original Foamy The Squirrel episodes were totally shit, but some (like indian tech support 1, 2 and 3) and insanely good! As for this..... Give a little more thought into it perhaps.

And to the miserable faggot who commented before me, let's see you do better while keeping one of the best internet toon series's going and up to date. Can't do it? didn't think so! sit down before I hurt yourself.

Not good

Your cartoons all feature incredibly few layers of simple tweened pictures. This one is in now way better, this could not have taken you more then an hour to do. Theres what, maybe ten top individual drawings including animation? Also this cartoon is just one image and one idea. Nothing interesting, funny or remotely entertaining.


Well this cartoon proves that IllWillPress can actually animate. But only when it's for someone else's characters. It'd be nice to see him put this kind of work into his "Foamy the Dead Horse we continue to Beat" slideshow 'cartoon' series.

Nothing truly objectional. The whole "evil goth girl" thing has been done so many times now, it's starting to become a parody onto itself.

The animation, although simple, looked allright. Scads better than Foamy.

Very short.

Not a bad piece. It's nice to see Illwill actually draw backrounds instead of tracing photos off of google image search.

So yeah.

twisted sort of humor

i enjoyed that lil short. wasnt something that would make me laugh out loud like Nuerotically Yours does...but it made me snicker at the unfortunate kids in the lake/pond. graphics werent bad at all...like the quiet, twisted style. Could have done a lil better with the SFX tho...the skating sound just didnt do it for me. overall..love it