Reviews for "Reiko - Captive Audience"

God I love Notorically Yours...

And even though I love foamy to death, it's nice to see they can make something just as good that isn't foamy.

Some punchlines are best left on paper.

I can see why you wanted to translate this comic to an animated short, but it loses all of it's charm along the way.

Took me a second

I liked it. It took me a second for me to connect the name with the film lol, but thats because I am a little slow. For everyone saying that it has no story line is just stupid. The story line is CAPTIVE audience, thats the whole point, the captive part! Anyways, gewd job^^


boring, could of actually had some kind plot or something or a reason y the bodies were there. If it were a comic strip or a picture it would have been hilairous, but it's flash, you need to actually do something


I laughed my ass off, but maybe i just have issues. no speakers so i cant listen to the sound, but the rest was good, although it was a bit on the shorter side.